Thursday, November 30, 2006

AEI Conference on Black-White IQ Gap

Video, Audio, slides and relevant papers on the November 28th 2006 AEI conference on The Black-White IQ Gap: Is It Closing? Will It Ever Go Away? are available here.
For decades, the difference in the test scores of blacks and whites on the SAT, National Assessment of Educational Progress test, Armed Forces Qualification Test, and traditional IQ tests has been a vexed issue for American educational policy. Two of the leading scholars of this controversial topic, James R. Flynn of the University of Otago (New Zealand) and Charles Murray of AEI, will debate the causes of the difference, its implications, and recent trends. New studies of the subject by Professor Flynn and by Mr. Murray will be available for distribution at the session.

Rarely have I seen such a contentious issue discussed so civilly and scientifically. The conference left me with a lot of new information to think about.


Anonymous said...

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zaid said...

IQ tests are a joke. To discuss it 'scientifically' is like discussing the 'science of eugenics'. What is worse is that you praise the civility with which these two white guys are discussing IQ and race. I bet it was like watching a debate from the 1930's between a member of the Nazi Party and a white Jim Crow American, perhaps the latter was more liberal than the former but both are racist scum for even entertaining the idea of drawing any conclusions regarding something like intelligence along racial lines.